Fourth Element re-launches Thermocline using ghost fishing nets


Fourth Element has re-launched the popular neutrally buoyant Thermocline line using recycled plastic from ghost fishing nets. The re-boot is called Thermocline - Next Generation Oceanwear. The company announced its commitment to ocean conservation in the fall of last year as well as goals to become Ocean Positive and to eliminate plastic in the packaging of all products by 2020.

From Fourth Element’s managing director Paul Strike:

It is possible to imagine a world where there was no way to make any new plastics. If this were to happen, human ingenuity would find a way to recycle all this waste we produce and as a result reduce our impact on the planet. We don’t want to wait for that time, we want to be a part of this solution now. The OceanPositive range is a statement of intent, to do something meaningful to benefit the environment that we love and feel compelled to protect.

Find more information about Thermocline here.