Fiji hit by tropical storm Photo

Fiji hit by tropical storm

The islands of Fiji were struck by a record breaking storm on Saturday night. Winds reached 184 mph (296 kph) and have brought with them heavy rains and huge seas. The storm, named Winston, has left a trail of destruction throughout the islands and has killed at least 10 people. We fervently hope that the death toll does not rise further and that our many friends in Fiji have escaped the worst of the destruction. Our community’s thoughts and prayers are with you. (Photo - Fijian Government).

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Palau combats illegal fishing through satellites Photo

Palau combats illegal fishing through satellites

Palau is leading the world by example in the effort to combat illegal fishing in its waters. In a recent and riveting article, the New York Times dove into the challenges faced by the island nation in upholding the protections put in place to conserve ocean wildlife. Palau is embracing the use of satellites to track illegal fishing vessels, from extremely remote locations.

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Canon announces EOS 80D Photo

Canon announces EOS 80D

Canon has announced the EOS 80D SLR camera. It has a 24.2 MP APS-C sensor with a native ISO range of 100 to 16000 and a new Dual Pixel CMOS AF system with 45 cross type points and the AI Servo AF II provides color tracking via a 7,560 pixel RGB+IR metering system.

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Borneo from Below: Episode 27 Photo

Borneo from Below: Episode 27

The latest online episode of Borneo from Below features underwater photographer Jason Isley and his Small Blue World. Bertie spends time interviewing Jason as well as diving and following the process behind the project

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