Video: The Bulls of BAD by Howard Hall Photo

Video: The Bulls of BAD by Howard Hall

Howard Hall has posted a stunning short film featuring the bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) of the Beqa Lagoon, Fiji onto Vimeo Featuring footage shot in 5K, Howard describes that the site sometimes gets around 100 bull sharks at one time, and that the sharks are so numerous that they chase the tiger sharks ((Galeocerdo cuvier) off!

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ROV encounters sperm whale Photo

ROV encounters sperm whale

The Nautilus Expedition has set out and is currently investigating the effects of natural gas seeps that occur in the Gulf of Mexico. The expedition is using ROVs to gather samples and data from the water column. During one of the vehicle’s dives, the ROV encountered a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) at 598m (1,962 ft). The animal was curious, circling the vehicle and its TMS a few times before moving off.

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FIX ships the Neo 1500 DX SWR light Photo

FIX ships the Neo 1500 DX SWR light

FIX has announced their new Neo 1500 DX SWR light’s specifications. Billed as a video, focus or macro light in one package, it features a 100° or 30° 1500 lumen beam that can be stepped in 25% or 1% increments and switched to a red mode. Its batteries can be swapped, or charged via external charging points as required.

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Blackmagic Design announces new products Photo

Blackmagic Design announces new products

Blackmagic Design has announced a slew of new products. They have updated their URSA camera Mini version, offering 15 stops of dynamic range and 4.6K sensor options. Also new is the Micro Cinema camera, which is designed for “remote shooting”, for which I read underwater! The company are offering a monitoring/recording solution called the Blackmagic Video Assist and have updated Fusion and DaVinci Resolve.

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